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To be in mother nature is for me the most beautiful, to travel to distant places simply the most exciting and taking pictures then quite simply the greatest. To do the step into nature photography was the desire for liberty and the means to an end, symbiosis of love to nature, the passion of traveling and the pleasure of the moment captured in a single image. That´s what I call it nature photography, the search for the ultimate (nature) image, simply "the" moment! Nature photography is in motion like the whole life. It means to capture light situations, a moment in the life of an animal, just simply to catch "that" moment. Beside planing and timing it is important to be at the right spot at the right time. That´s the art of nature photography. But it all is what it makes it so exciting! Therefore I love the simplicity of 35 mm photography and the challenge of his experimental chances in it.

Frank Lukasseck was born in Bergisch Gladbach in 1966 and lives with his family in the Bergischen Land close to Cologne.

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